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Melanie Suzanne Wilson is a digital marketing communications consultant/creator, public relations professional, lifestyle/multimedia journalist and e-commerce founder.

Melanie’s freelance work can involve consulting or content creation (writing, graphics and multimedia) in: digital marketing, public relations and journalism.

Her writing includes journalism and blogging with a focus on fashion and other lifestyle topics.

She is also the founder of Wilford Lifestyle, an online publication and retail brand. The store is home to formal and casual clothing, for diverse women in all sizes and styles.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) from WSU and is completing a Master of Arts (Journalism) from UTS.

She worked in marketing from 2012, public relations from 2014 and journalism from 2015.

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Melanie's Insights: Business and Branding

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is sharing ideas after her years of experience in personal branding and digital marketing.

Anyone can build a brand when living the life we want. It’s all about doing as much or as little as you prefer. Grow a business quickly or gradually evolve a valuable brand over time.

More individuals are now preferring to combine their professional work with a fulfilling family life and relaxing leisure time.

Stop working 24/7. Stop counting the hours. Start measuring outcomes.

Melanie's Online Retail Brand:
Wilford Lifestyle

Melanie Suzanne Wilson in Xcepsion black skirt and Mia lace top from Hourglass Apparel Retail Shopping
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Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Wilson Halford at their wedding

Web Site About Melanie’s Grandparents

Gary Wilson OAM

Elizabeth Wilson OAM

Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM at Parliament House