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Melanie's Background

What Melanie Does

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is a communications consultant and content creator. She holds academic qualifications in marketing. She gained professional experience in digital content creation, marketing, public relations, journalism and e-commerce. Melanie also founded e-commerce brand Wilford Lifestyle (formerly Hourglass Apparel Retail Australia). She enjoys public speaking and networking at social events.


Melanie Suzanne Wilson is the granddaughter of Gary Wilson OAM and Elizabeth Wilson OAM, the public speakers and Toastmasters leaders.

Melanie is also the wife of Clay Halford. She is known privately and legally by her married name of Melanie Suzanne Wilson Halford.

Educational Qualifications

Melanie graduated from a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) at WSU Australia in 2012.

She is expecting to complete a Master of Arts (Journalism) from the University of Technology Sydney in 2017.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson in September 2016 - with her husband Clay Halford, grandfather Gary Wilson OAM and grandmother Elizabeth Wilson OAM.

Practical Work Experience

Melanie Suzanne Wilson

She undertook marketing and communications experience from 2012 in diverse communities. This included full time professional work, not-for-profit voluntary professional projects and public online news for family. Melanie worked on great campaigns for the Macquarie Grammar School, Global Sustainable Energy Solutions and other employed roles. She continues building positioned targeted brand strategies during her independent work.

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In that time, she also gained experience as a journalist from 2014. Melanie was the online publisher of the At The Festival newspaper in 2015. She is working on a masters degree in journalism.

Public Relations

Melanie also developed professional experience in public relations. She was the publicist for Gary Wilson when he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. After successful media relations, Gary appeared in a newspaper in Parramatta. Her next PR experience was the creation and successful distribution of a press release for Dana LaMon. Melanie later went into an employed PR role at MSC Cruises. She worked on communications at this international company for around half a year.

Entrepreneurial Experience


Melanie established herself as a creative freelancer for friends. At the age of 26, she offered her work as a sole trader. Melanie now grows brands through complete strategic communications plans.

E-Commerce Brand

Melanie Suzanne Wilson branched into e-commerce in 2016, after years of experience in digital communications. She grew the online store shophourglassapparel.com, with a mission of bringing creative clothing to everyday life. The store was gradually built in the second half of 2016, and was making sales by Christmas of that year.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson continues diverse work in digital marketing, public relations, journalism, e-commerce and lifestyle writing. She is always open to new opportunities.

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Melanie's Products & Services

Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications for business and publishing

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is available for e-commerce management alongside digital marketing strategies.

Melanie successfully created an e-commerce site as part of her consumer retail brand. She attracted customers from both local areas and international locations.

Now she is ready to help other individuals and organisations in attracting customers online.

Contact Melanie to ask how she can transform your e-commerce branding now.


Public Speaking

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is available to speak about digital communications, motivation and speaking techniques.

Melanie received public speaking training from Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM since 2010.

Contact Melanie for inviting her to a speaking gig.


Strategic Marketing

Melanie Suzanne Wilson provides freelance strategic digital marketing consulting and multimedia content creation.

Melanie graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) from WSU in 2012.

She then implemented modern digital campaigns for a variety of brands.

Ask Melanie about how she can transform your own strategically planned marketing campaign.



Melanie Suzanne Wilson is available for freelance journalism. She specialises in writing for web, with further experience in audio and visual multimedia.

Her past work included topics such as lifestyle, fashion and communications techniques.

Share your story with Melanie, to be given a voice through her journalistic publishing.


Public Relations

Melanie Suzanne Wilson offers freelance public relations strategic planning and implementation. She specialises in press releases, media monitoring and digital online/social PR.

Her past experience included employed public relations communications for MSC Cruises, news release writing for Dana LaMon and media relations for Gary Wilson OAM.

Enquire now for Melanie’s freelance public relations services today, to bring your brand to stakeholders and audiences.


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