Strategic Branding
Melanie Suzanne Wilson offers strategic brand management for products, services and individuals
Methods in Melanie's Brand Strategies
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A Brand's Position in the Market
Brand Positioning

Brand positioning can be mapped. Melanie can identify where a brand is perceived, in comparison to competing brands, in the minds of current and potential customers.

A position is one of the top things to understand when starting a new strategy or building an entirely new business. Melanie can optimise the potential positioning to then improve pricing strategies and other marketing moves. The ranking is easily established based on quality and price. This is closely related to the value that an individual believes will be gained.

The easiest way to explain positioning is with an example. Look at the department stores. There are super cheap discount stores. Then another store will be mid-range products at ok prices. Top positioned shops, in the perceptual map, will offer designer and luxury products – with price tags to match. Every brand is perceived in relation to all the alternatives.

Melanie can work with a new or growing business, to ensure the brand positioning is where it should be.

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Perceived Value

Melanie can help to identify a brand’s perceived value, as believed by potential customers. This could be a high quality. It could also be the amount of quality someone gets for a low price.

Once the value is known, it can either be emphasised or changed. Every communications campaign holds the power to bring value that people want to buy.

Whenever an individual considers buying a product or service, a key question is asked. WIFM. What’s in it for me?

Brand value is what a targeted market segment thinks the brand is. Value is beyond what the business owners or managers think about the brand.

Decision makers can discover what others think of the brand, through strategic analytical market research. Following insights will change a brand campaign forever.

Strategic Vision

Melanie builds brands in line with decision makers’ visions. A great vision expresses the reason why the business exists. It gives purpose to everything that is done in a brand.

For example, a business might be focused on innovating with top technology. Then Melanie can communicate innovative benefits in campaigns. Customers will realise they can gain top technology or expertise by relying on this brand.

Brand Personality

A brand is like a person. That’s right. Every brand has characteristics which are also seen in human beings. Melanie can identify a brand’s personality traits, then target campaigns to market segments who relate to those aspects.


Melanie’s marketing communications share key brand attributes, as much as those benefits the customer will want to get.

She has worked with some service brands which offer foods during experiences. An example of an attribute can be vegetarian food. No matter who walks in the door, those vegetarian meals or snacks are there. It is only of benefit when brought to people who are vegetarians or health conscious. The attribute is what the product or service has. The benefit is what people get.

Melanie’s own online retail clothing store has examples of attributes which are communicated. These details are crucial for anyone who considers buying a garment. A sizing chart will show the attributes of measurements. Benefits can be a loose fit or snug figure-hugging look. But an initial attribute will simply be the centimetres, inches and size labels.

Melanie gives appropriate attention to both attributes and benefits, when building branded campaigns and communications.

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Melanie Suzanne Wilson emphasises necessary brand benefits when working on campaigns. Customers, be it consumers or businesses, will experience emotional and utilitarian benefits. Both will be appealed to in Melanie’s messaging of brands.

Both types of benefits motivated Melanie to create an online store. She uses similar logic in campaigns for others.

Practical benefits are important. Clothes that fit well can be physically more comfortable. A cotton shirt can breathe more than synthetic alternatives. Durable party pieces will bring people through the entire night. Every individual has something that is necessary for practical reasons.

In a similar way, practical benefits could exist for events. A function could be geographically close to potential attendees. An early start will mean people get home sooner. Services have utilitarian benefits that need to be communicated.

Emotional benefits are more powerful. Melanie brings emotions to life for brands. The right garment can make a customer feel beautiful, comfortable, relaxed or simply happy. A joyful event can make attendees feel supported, informed, empowered, excited and motivated. Melanie works with brands to bring emotions to life in any industry.

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