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Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications for business and publishing

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is available for services such as strategic digital marketing, public relations, branded online content creation, multimedia/lifestyle journalism and public speaking.

Marketing for Small Businesses

She specialises in small businesses that are looking to launch or rebrand. Ask Melanie about how a digital strategy can put your organisation on the map.

Her work supports commercial businesses and not-for-profit organisations alike. Whether you’re an individual or employing a small team, a refreshed strategy can make a difference.

It’s all about goals. What behavioural change do you want from customers/audiences? Conversions and sales are great. But getting started, a brand could simply gain presence for greater awareness in audiences’ minds. Startups might prefer an agile approach with online testing. Talk with Melanie about how the right plan can best suit your brand.

Lifestyle Journalism in a Digital Space

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is very focused on creating great editorial content in the fields of lifestyle and communications. She connects with interviewees as primary sources for stories when possible. If secondary sources provide sufficient information, these can provide strong foundations for blog articles and other light stories. Ask Melanie now about creating news stories for a publication.

Qualified Expertise

Melanie’s diverse professional work experience and academic background provide a solid foundation, to bring quality communications for any brand. Melanie Suzanne Wilson graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) from the Western Sydney University and completed a Master of Arts (Journalism) with the University of Technology Sydney. She implemented PR campaigns for Dana LaMon and as an employee at MSC Cruises. Melanie created strong news releases that gained a presence in the mainstream media. Her past marketing jobs included the Macquarie Grammar School and Global Sustainable Energy Solutions. These employed roles were practical experience in graphic design, newsletter creation, EDM distribution and web site content creation. Melanie is able to present talks about various communications skills, having been trained in public speaking with help from Gary Wilson OAM and Elizabeth Wilson OAM. Contact Melanie today to ask how she can contribute communications to your brand.


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Main Services

Content Creation

Motivating and Informing

See how Melanie can contribute to your business, communications or lifestyle brand.

Further Details About Melanie's Services


Melanie is available for e-commerce management. Her specialty is small to medium businesses with consumer products and services.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson manages automated e-commerce platforms.

She primarily serves small-to-medium businesses in diversifying their online opportunities.

Her e-commerce work is integrated with modern social media and web site content, for a complete convergent customer experience.

Talk with Melanie now about bringing your products online today.

Content Creation

Melanie specialises in the following content creation:

Press releases and branded news

Copy and images for web sites

Engaging content for social media

Blog articles with text or multimedia

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is a journalist with experience in writing for print and web, with recent diversification into audio and visual multimedia content creation.

Melanie completed her Master of Arts (Journalism) in 2017. She was trained by professional journalists, utilising traditional journalistic principles when publishing in the latest innovative technological platforms.

Publishing managers and editors are welcome to contact Melanie Suzanne Wilson about freelance journalism opportunities.


Melanie Suzanne Wilson is open to willing to write guest-blogging articles for commercial or journalistic purposes.

She has been blogging since 2012. Her own web sites then diversified from personal interests to then lifestyle, fashion and communication skills.

Her blogging is influenced by the skills that were developed when she studied a postgraduate journalism degree.

Contact Melanie now for guest writing at your blog today.

Strategic Planning

Melanie is available for strategic plans in:

Digital Marketing

Public Relations

Online Publishing

Melanie Suzanne Wilson can provide freelance digital strategic marketing services for your brand.

She brings academic and commercial qualifications to integrated marketing communications campaigns.

Melanie graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) at WSU before years of experience in broad marketing coordination and management.

Her approach to marketing combines strategic targeting and positioning principles with practical creative media skills. She utilises modern copy writing, graphic design, web content creation, EDM distribution and social media management alongside further techniques.

Interested clients can talk with Melanie now about strategic marketing plans, digital marketing for web site and social media and overall marketing implementation.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is available for freelance public relations consulting and content creation.

She brings techniques from marketing and media for a complete PR service. Her specialties include news releases, online content and media monitoring.

Her past experience includes half a year of employed PR for MSC Cruises, media relations for Gary Wilson OAM and pro bono press release writing during a campaign for Dana LaMon.

Organisations and individuals are welcome to contact Melanie Suzanne Wilson about her freelance public relations and publicity services.

Media Relations

Melanie is available for media relations services as part of public relations strategies. She can organise interviews and events to connect brands with audiences.

Public Speaking

Melanie is a passionate public speaker with years of experience.

Enquire now and invite Melanie to speak about communications, motivation and lifestyle.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson is available for public speaking gigs. She is happy to speak about communications, digital content, speaking skills and lifestyle writing.

Melanie brings years of experience in proven communications techniques. Her grandparents, Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM, passed on their speaking techniques when they taught Melanie.

Contact Melanie now to hear one of her brilliant speeches about modern communications.

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