Copy writing by Melanie Suzanne Wilson for advertising, public relations, web content and journalism

Specialising in writing for digital communications

Melanie Suzanne Wilson has a focus on writing for new multimedia. She has years of experience in writing for web sites. This includes branded web pages, blog articles and social media content creation. 

Her past experience involved employed roles, freelance projects, voluntary community publications and early internship experience. This extensive knowledge base contributes to Melanie’s unique style of writing.

Web Site Content

MSW is available to write content for web sites. The right copy will engage with readers and then achieve goals. Whether a brand needs to attract sales or awareness, creative branded copy writing will transform any web site.

Blog Article Writing

Blogs are powerful forms of branding, editorial storytelling and creative lifestyle community building. These are some of the goals Melanie considers when she writes for blogs.

Social Media Text

A social media post can seem straight-forward. Quality social content will have precise grammar, targeted language, concise language and a memorable call-to-action. These are some techniques Melanie considers when writing for social media.