Digital Marketing Services by Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Melanie Suzanne Wilson brings years of experience in digital marketing, combining professional experience with a bachelor degree in marketing.

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Digital Marketing Plan

Strategic planning for digital can include traditional marketing plans and digital media scheduling. These plans are continuously customised, based on internal and external changes.

Digital Content Creation

Digital marketing content creation can involve social media, web site content management, EDM email campaigns and more.

Web Analytics

Goals are evaluated for all digital communications. Aims include reach, awareness, brand image, engagement and conversion.

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Goal Setting

Melanie Suzanne Wilson helps organisations to set goals about the results they want from digital marketing campaigns.

Goals can be related to content creation or audiences’ responses.

Some organisations wish to publish a certain number of posts every day/week/month. This is a content goal.

Other clients focus on goals related to potential customers.

Customer Journeys with Marketing Funnels

 Awareness is achieved when digital messages reach audiences and then stakeholders become aware.

Interest is built through intriguing headings, catchy copy and vivid visuals.

Desire happens when the brand (product, service etc) fulfils needs of the desired targeted market segment.

​Action occurs when potential customers respond to calls to action in messages. Behavioural change ideally involves attitude change, signing up, purchase and other responses.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson works with real customer journeys for digital marketing that appeals to people’s habits and needs.

Calls to Action

Audiences need to be transformed into customers through specific calls to action.

People need to know what they will get and how they will get it.

Great digital communications convert behavioural change through persuasion.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson works to bring audiences towards real change, achieving conversion.

Contact now to transform your digital communications into enticing calls to action.

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