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Professional Email Campaigns

Melanie Suzanne Wilson creates professional email campaigns through platforms such as MailChimp.

Goals include  awareness, engagement and conversion.

Calls to action clearly show readers how they can benefit from solutions which solve their needs.

Web and mobile friendly emails are sent through secure options. ​Opt-in and opt-out options are always included.

Email success is evaluated through analytics.

Statistics include opens, click through rates, bounces and conversions. Graphs appear in the email platforms for easy understandability. Solutions are suggested based on findings from results.

Content Creation for Email Campaigns

 Email copy is written to target the needs of audiences. Text is tailored to suit the targeted market segments, stakeholders and audiences.

Quality vector and pixel graphic designs are chosen and customised specifically for each email. Resolution is high enough for clarity, but minimal enough to avoid slow downloads.  All content is created in collaboration with individuals and organisations.

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