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Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications for business and publishing

Today's Communications Are Done Differently

Melanie’s communications techniques involve the latest innovative technology and methods.

She continuously upgrades systems that are used for today’s marketing, public relations, e-commerce and journalism.

Audiences now expect publications that are targeted to their needs, convergent with multimedia, emailed in an engaging manner, mobile compatible and SEO friendly.

Melanie takes an integrated communications approach to reach traditional media, online publishers, consumers, business customers and further stakeholders. She combines print with web sites, email, social media and events.

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New Ways for Targeting Potential Audiences and Customers

Melanie’s campaigns and publications are targeted to truly interested audience communities, stakeholder groups and market segments.

In today’s world of search engine optimisation and social media data, organisations are are able to better target individuals who want to see their brands.

Targeting creates efficiency for large established organisations, small to medium business and individual personal branding.

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Convergent Digital Publishing for Commercial and Editorial Purposes

Melanie is continuously getting creative with multimedia platforms. Audiences now prefer video and audio, as much as relevant fascinating copy writing.

Engaging Emails that People Want to Read

Melanie’s email newsletters, campaigns and EDMs are engaging vibrant publications. These emails feature the information that is relevant to readers.

Traffic can be converted from these EDMs, through social media integration and links to web sites.

Calls to action guide readers to reap the benefits of what brands or stories have to offer.

Mobile Friendly Platforms

Viewers are increasingly experiencing content on their mobiles, instead of static screens. Melanie strives to utilise mobile-friendly platforms wherever possible.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Melanie’s online content creation and copy writing involve techniques to further optimise for keywords. Her work involves methods which boost SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, for brands to better appear in Google results and other search engines.

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