Melanie Suzanne Wilson Halford and
Clay Alan Halford

Melanie and Clay married in 2017 before moving to Queensland in Australia for a greater lifestyle. They work together on professional and community projects.

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The web site was created as a haven for photo albums, wedding info and stories about our life together.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Wilson Halford at their wedding
Our Story

This is the story of Clay Halford and Melanie Suzanne Wilson, a couple who share an eternity of life and love.

Dating and Early Relationship in 2015

Melanie and Clay officially revealed their relationship on June 19 2015.

They were inseparable from that moment on.

Comfortable Relationship
 The relationship grew quite easily. Never being in a bubble, they balanced coupled life with established social connections.

This couple met as individuals in a community organisation, and they continued to stay involved in groups as a couple.

Their experiences and skills, in event management, would prove to be very useful later in life.

​They also kept great friends.

Living Together

The happy couple moved into an apartment together on October 10, 2015.

They enjoyed finally living near the beach and the city. Most importantly, they were together.


Melanie and Clay announced their engagement on December 5, 2015.

They very quickly chose to celebrate their commitment with engagement rings for each other.

​The engagement party was a small gathering with close friends in 2016.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Halford with engagement rings


First Professional Photos

Melanie and Clay released the first professional photographs in January 2016. They enjoyed seeing images which capture life as a young couple.

New Year

2016 would bring surprises, smiles and selfies.

Halford18620-011 new Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Halford
Engagement Party

The engagement party was held in April 2016.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Halford cutting cake at engagement party celebration
Part of the Family

Clay and Melanie grew to be more familiar with family from both sides, during engagement. This involved travel, events and also casual fun.

Holidays and Leisure During Engagement

Clay and Melanie always prefer to travel anywhere exciting.

Although Melanie now knows not to take a selfie with a horse, as it may get too close. Living on the edge!

Social Events During Engagement

As always, Melanie and Clay continued social involvement in 2016.

​Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Halford continue to be partners in love, life and work. Life is good.


Wedding and Marriage

Mr Clay Alan Halford and Mrs Melanie Suzanne Wilson Halford married on Saturday 4th February 2017, at the Novotel Brighton Le Sands (in Sydney, Australia). They invited approximately 66 close friends and family to experience their wedding.

Melanie and Clay are grateful to those who helped on this important occasion. Jan Vecchio was the celebrant for the official marriage wedding ceremony. Rio Mcwilliam was the MC for the reception dinner, which took place inside a function room at the Novotel. Joanna Forbes was the singer at the ceremony and managed background music during the reception. Suben Subenthiran was the professional photographer on the day. The couple is deeply grateful to those individuals who contributed to the success of the day.

Wedding of Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Halford

Combined Web Site

Visit for additional information and images about the couple’s wedding and life.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson and Clay Halford