Educational Qualifications of Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Melanie Suzanne Wilson completed high school at William Clarke College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) at the Western Sydney University. Melanie then completed a Master of Arts (Journalism) with the University of Technology Sydney.

Grad School Attendance for a Postgraduate Degree

Melanie Suzanne Wilson at UTS

Melanie Suzanne Wilson studies the Master of Arts (Journalism) at the University of Technology Sydney.

Melanie wears her ‘journalist hat’ to strive towards balanced factual news stories. These can be features, profiles, long form articles and blog posts. She often combines traditional journalistic techniques with a passion for topics such as fashion, lifestyle and digital communications.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson focuses on the multimedia capabilities of online journalism during the course. She created temporary features stories at Learn With Your Community and Fresh Fashion, experimenting with articles for niche audiences. She used an existing understanding of web sites (especially WordPress) to then bring stories to life.

Melanie was also the Online Production Manager and a features writer on the At The Festival newspaper online edition in 2015. This was a great experience in liaising with fellow contributors, formatting digital content in readable layouts and creating a user-friendly online experience.

Skills from this course are transferrable to other industries. She brought these communications skills, when still continuing in the course, to create public relations campaigns in an employed commercial role for a travel brand. Melanie embarks on PR projects after an understanding of strategic integrated marketing communications, digital content creation, newsworthy writing and media relations. However, this work is separate from her focus on journalism during the postgraduate studies.

Graduation from University in 2012 with an Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

Graduated: Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing)

Melanie Suzanne Wilson completed her Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) in 2012, at the Western Sydney University in Australia.

The focus during this degree was strategic marketing planning. Her original understanding of marketing included identifying the needs of market segments, then evolving the marketing mix. She looks at the way in which a product is developed and presented, how prices are communicated in relation to value, places in which products or services are available and then the promotional side such as marketing communications. Melanie started taking an integrated approach to marketing any brand, after years of theoretical and practical education during her completed undergraduate degree.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson enjoying her college graduation at university, after completing a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing) at WSU.
High School Graduation in 2007
High School

Melanie graduated from the Higher School Certificate for high school year 12 in 2007, at William Clarke College, in Kellyville (north west Sydney), NSW Australia.

Early interest in social and cultural writing

Melanie Suzanne Wilson began an interest in culture and social trends, in her last few years of school. She looked at human behaviour in subjects such as Studies of Religion and Society and Culture. This was the beginning of Melanie’s fascination with how people live their lives. She now keeps an interest in behaviour and lifestyle when creating content for editorial or marketing purposes.

Fun Facts About Melanie's Educational Background
Melanie's 2012 graduation was attended by Elizabeth Wilson OAM

Elizabeth Wilson OAM, Melanie’s grandmother, attended Melanie’s graduation in September 2012.

Melanie’s grandparents, Elizabeth Wilson OAM and Gary Wilson OAM, taught her valuable public speaking and communication skills from the Australian spring of 2010. Elizabeth and Gary Wilson served the community, primarily in Toastmasters, since the 1970s.

Melanie applied these speaking and PR skills during her academic projects, before then also bringing those abilities for commercial and voluntary work.

Melanie Suzanne Wilson posing with her grandmother, Elizabeth Wilson OAM, at Melanie's college graduation after completing her undergraduate degree.
Melanie's Journalism Experience at the University of Technology Sydney

Melanie Suzanne Wilson gained practical experience, when working on her Master of Arts (Journalism) at UTS.

Fresh Fashion: the voice of new design

Melanie Suzanne Wilson founded Fresh Fashion: the voice of new design, an online journalistic publication, for her major project. She interviewed fashion designers including Anne Stevens of Designer Fascinators, fashion graduate Rayan Ardati, couture designer Nina Naustdal, and graphic-designer-turned-fashion-designer Maria Izvestkina.

At The Festival

Melanie was the Online Production Editor for the At the Festival newspaper in 2015, publishing on a WordPress web site.


Column in Vertigo Newspaper

Melanie wrote a column as the Postgraduate Representative on the UTS Students’ Association. This was an experience in print publications for a local community group.

August 2015 UTS Vertigo Selfie by Melanie Suzanne Wilson