Strategic Marketing Plans With Changing Communications Techniques

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Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications for business and publishing

The Next Generation of Strategic Marketing
with Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Melanie Suzanne Wilson brings innovative digital communications techniques to answer strategic questions about engaging with potential customers.

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Setting Goals for Attainable Growth of Awareness and Conversions

Melanie can work with business owners and managers, to clearly identify specific realistic goals.

Short term goals may depend on which resources are already available for the organisation or individual. They should be steps up from the current situation.

Long term goals can be aspirational, with timelines that identify steps that will reach great results. Talk with Melanie now about setting goals in a marketing strategy.

Combining Established Marketing Principles With New Innovative Trends

Melanie brings a career background of both decades-old strategic marketing principles and crucial technological techniques.

She studied traditional business methods at a time when social media was still emerging. After years of industry experience in implementing marketing communications for today’s audiences, Melanie observed the dramatic changes that every business must adapt to. She then studied the next generation of communications. These can be applied to commercial purposes in a variety of industries. Melanie Suzanne Wilson combines old and new business ideas to attract today’s customers with proven principles.

Testing of Multiple Tactics to Compare Effectiveness

The best way to know a campaign’s effectiveness is to publish it in the marketplace. Melanie insists on testing multiple options, to see which one gains the best responses from potential customers.

AB testing is a growing trend in strategic digital marketing. It can be created for EDMs, landing pages, social media advertisements and more. Multiple styles of advertisements/PR can be released based on the same targeted messages. Their success can be compared against each other, to see which one should be utilised further.

Incremental advertising allows companies to stagger the budget for longevity. Smaller early inputs can contribute to advertising in the testing stage. Once the best ad is identified,based on prior research and testing, further investments can be made in the most profitable campaign version.

Evaluating Results Through Analytics

Every marketing campaign must be evaluated, to see if goals were reached after the implementation was completed.

Melanie utilises online analytics and other market research, to determine the facts of business achievements.

Companies are able to make informed decisions through Melanie’s insights. They can determine which methods are effective in attracting conversions.

New marketing communications go beyond simple brand awareness or engagement. Core purposes of behavioural change are prioritised – how many people purchase a product, sign up to a program, make a booking or join a group.

These campaigns are about real commercial viability, beyond ‘likes’ on social platforms. Dollar amounts can be attributed to all tactics where possible. Then a brand can be brought into a direction based on past results.

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