Past Writing by Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Melanie Suzanne Wilson has written content for a variety of purposes. She has done copy writing for digital strategic marketing communications, public relations articles, news releases, corporate blogging, fashion and lifestyle writing and journalistic feature writing.

Here are some of Melanie’s past articles she wrote:

Commercial Public Relations Writing
Melanie Suzanne Wilson
Past Commercial PR

Melanie has written commercial PR content for employed and freelance roles.

Employed PR Work for MSC Cruises

Melanie Suzanne Wilson was hired in a part time PR role at MSC Cruises, where she wrote professional press releases and branded blog articles.

Press Release for Bio-Oxygen

Melanie Suzanne Wilson wrote a press release forBio-Oxygen, a leading air purification company, in 2016.

Blog Post Article for Jenny McEvoy

Melanie Suzanne Wilson did freelance public relations copy writing, for the blog of Jenny McEvoy, real estate agent.

Sponsored Advertorial for FashionMia

Melanie Suzanne Wilson wrote an advertorial sponsored blog post about dresses for FashionMia, at her personal blog What Mel Wants.

Dresses for Women in Spring with Online Shopping

Melanie Suzanne Wilson with award and Dana LaMon in 2015

Voluntary Public Relations Writing

Dana LaMon

Melanie Suzanne Wilson wrote a press release for Dana LaMon during his Sydney tour in 2015. The Burwood Scene kindly published the article. Dana LaMon is a blind man from the USA, with many achievements. He is a professional speaker author and trainer. He is also a former Californian judge.

Journalistic Writing & Content

August 2015 UTS Vertigo Selfie by Melanie Suzanne Wilson
Melanie Suzanne Wilson black and white professional image