Public Relations Services - Offered by Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Melanie Suzanne Wilson can publicise your brand through modern public relations.

PR can involve tactics such as: news releases, corporate blogs, media monitoring and other promotions.

Event management can be included in PR campaigns for a complete brand experience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) now influences copy writing in PR, as individuals and organisations now bring their brands to online audiences.

Traditional principles influence new media platforms.

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News / Press Releases

Melanie Suzanne Wilson can create and distribute press releases for organisations and individual brands. News releases can feature on clients’ web sites, external web sites, blogs, news distribution and social media.

Social Media PR

Social media is a powerful platform to share PR messages to stakeholders. Melanie gets brands onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all other social sites. Reach can lead to awareness, engagement and conversions in sponsored and organic social media content.

Event Management

Events are great ways to gain attention. They are perfect public relations strategies to grow experiences and brand cultures. Melanie can bring brands to the people for excitement.

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