Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Melanie Suzanne Wilson communications for business and publishing

Discover the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with Melanie Suzanne Wilson.

Potential customers and stakeholders can find a brand online when the right factors are optimised.

Digital strategies are different for every organisation or individual. A growing online presence will be influenced by goals, resources and audiences.

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SEO: Content, Updates, Schedules, Advice

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial way for brands to appear online. Melanie Suzanne Wilson can help you, with bringing your brand to a global audience.

SEO: Content, Updates, Schedules, Advice

SEO Content Setup

Melanie Suzanne Wilson sets up new content for brands and prioritises Search Engine Optimisation.
SEO: Content, Updates, Schedules, Advice

SEO Advice

Melanie Suzanne Wilson can advise brands on achievable strategies for optimised SEO.
SEO: Content, Updates, Schedules, Advice

Continuous SEO Updates

SEO situations change all the time. Melanie works to update content to adapt an an evolving online environment.
What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is simple and complex all at the same time. Melanie Suzanne Wilson utilises content creation and web site management techniques to contribute towards SEO. Here is a list of some of the SEO options:

Benefits Based Content

Benefits are a main premise of marketing. Similar concepts are also relevant to other communications fields. Written and visual content is transformed by Melanie to focus on benefits people want to achieve. Every product or service should fulfil a need, such as those found on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Captivating Copy Writing and Smart Multimedia

Audience Targeting

SEO requires content to be targeted towards audiences. It must speak the languages they already understand, to truly connect with these new prospects. Targeted segments include demographics, psychographic (thinking), behavioural, geographic and social. Nobody would speak the same way to a ten year old as a hundred year old. And those two types of individuals would search in Google with very different language. They would want to read pages with vastly contrasting words and visuals. SEO is affected by what people search. So SEO content must be targeted to each audience.

Link to Known Sites

Any authoritative web site will appear knowledgeable by linking to non-affiliated trusted sources. Rest assured, this does not mean referring to competitors’ sites. Relevant unbiased web sites can be signs that an informative web page is giving readers the bigger picture. Great starting points include government sites, industry associations, academic resources and news publications. The right hyperlinked references will show where a brand is mentioned, how an idea is supported or how the brand is connected with the wider community.
 Google Keywords
Melanie Suzanne Wilson utilises Google Keywords as one of the most trusted methods of topic searches. It is relied upon by content creators everywhere for writing phrases that people would be typing into search engines. Melanie integrates popular subjects into user friendly content for greater SEO.

Social Links

Social media can link to web site pages very easily. This is one of the quickest way to bring people to sites, therefore increasing traffic. One key rule is to avoid seeming like ‘spam.’ Brands 
must provide information social followers will want to know. Gone are the days of simply ‘selling’ to people. 


Although academics would not always recommend Wikipedia, it is a high ranking user-generated encyclopaedia for SEO purposes. A topic can appear on Wikipedia links in Google searches much before readers see the official web site. Content can be set up on this and other Wikis to grow online presence and links to end goal web sites. 


Reddit is a resource that can find keywords and share content. Melanie shares content on Reddit to reach more readers and spark conversation.

Google Plus

This overlooks social network may not be the top social media platform, but it is favourably ranked in Google searches. An ongoing presence in Google Plus can give a brand more appearances in Google.

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